The Tridecadal Korean (astralblue) wrote,
The Tridecadal Korean

Status Report

  • I am alive and well.

  • I'm in Japan on a business trip.  Work went well.  The hectic schedule that drove me crazy for the past couple of months is finally over; I finished and delivered everything that had been put on my shoulders (and that was a LOT).

  • After 5 months of sweet times, I am back to single.

  • I am going to Korea today for a short post-project, replenishing vacation.

  • A bit upset, but I am not heartbroken, despite the abrupt ultimatum from her; in fact, I sort of knew that things would end this way, having seen a certain trait of her personality when our relationship began.  (But I am not going to elaborate on what the trait was, in due respect.)

  • Also, this made me think a bit about how I handle my emotion, or the lack of it, in general.  It is indeed a wonder—a big one too—how I am capable of composing melodies that touch the strings of people's heart.

  • On a lighter note, I didn't get to visit any video game arcade in Japan this year.  Sad.  ;_;

See you guys all in the states next week!

P.S.  I am so out of loop when it comes to LiveJournaling; totally forgot to disable auto-formatting.  LJ really needs “Do not autoformat by default” as a per-user option.  _-_;

Tags: korea, love, work

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