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Okay Andamiro, seriously, WHAT THE FUCK?

Your so-called “club system rule” basically says: “Okay folks, you guys create, um, a ‘club’ on our website and post messages, pics and vids like losers with no life whatsoever, uhh I mean, like enthusiastic fans should, and we will hand out tickets to WPF 2007 nationals exclusively to clubs with the most pathetic losers, um, I mean, the most uhh, active clubs!”

As much as I want to thank you for another awesome version of PIU, I need to say this: Fuck you Andamiro, I'm a busy guy and I have no time for that shit.  Good luck with your WPF 2007.

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I think your first picture should be you playing PIU while flipping of the camera. :D
Nope, I refuse to create a club to begin with :p
All the cool kids have one! :(
Correction, all the clueless kids have one! :p
Don't make me make one under your name. ;)
You don't have my passport.  XD
The hell I don't... oh wait... I don't... -_-;;
What's fyotd mean? The only thing I'm coming up with is "fuck you out the door"...
“Fuck You Of The Day”
Whaaa?? We can't just be cool and have a lowkey club? I hate (but really love) you, Andamiro!