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It's All About Merong!

(16:40:40) astralblue: Merong!
(16:40:49) jcofrtf: Meronger!
(16:40:52) jcofrtf: ...?
(16:40:53) jcofrtf: LOL
(16:40:58) astralblue: Merongest!
(16:41:00) jcofrtf: So uh...
(16:41:04) jcofrtf: I have a question for you.

(16:44:56) jcofrtf: brbr...I have to hand in my Step Chart to Kevin...brb!!!
(16:44:59) astralblue: San Mateo?  Awesome, that means I can leave the car at work XD
(16:45:01) astralblue: Okie


(16:45:41) astralblue: Say merong to JC because I know he's gonna be there with you shortly if he didn't already XD
(16:45:48) astralblue: And... <erong to you too! XD
(16:45:51) astralblue: Merong*
(16:46:19) ferrari_iidx: haaaahaha XD
(16:46:42) astralblue: :D

(16:47:02) ferrari_iidx: haahahha
(16:47:09) ferrari_iidx: he wont stop saying it now
(16:47:14) astralblue: Bahahahaha

Then later&hellip

(16:59:54) jcofrtf: WHAT's up with you and Kevin going at me with these "Merongs?!?!?!"
(17:00:17) astralblue: Just because! XD