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2007-03-12 Emmaton, CA

Flame of Steel

Copyright © 2007 Eugene M. Kim.  All rights reserved.

ISO 100, 135mm, cropped to 1200×800 (280mm equiv), 1/2500s, f/11.3,

That spot on CA-160 (just north of the Antioch Bridge) is one fine hidden gem!


Yay for new wallpaper @ work! =D
Dunno it was just me or anything, but really, nearly everything there was majestic <3

Lucky indeed.  I wasn't expecting this much (just wanted to check out the route because I heard it was scenic), but the time and everything just happened to be perfect.  ♥

And actually your digital camera might as well be able to do that: The picture was taken at 135mm and f/11, which is well within the specs of most digital cameras, so it's just a matter of getting the camera to underexpose the shot through exposure compensation/adjustment, which most point-and-shoot semiautomatic digital cameras should be capable of.