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Google Maps plans a route from Chicago to London

Check out the step #20 ]

Courtesy of shinmizu.



I was talking to people about this yesterday... I think it's a really bad idea on Google's part.

See, Google these days is always right about everything, so it's gained sort of an unhealthy following of people who will do whatever it says...

I forsee an increase in the number of drownings off the east coast very soon.

(On a related point, it's interesting that you can't plan a car ride from North America to South America, nor can you swim over the Pacific Ocean just yet.)
I actually zoomed into the turn direction for #20, and switched to the hybrid view to see if there were any divers at the pier.  XD
I think Google programmed it so Long Wharf in Boston is the only point in the whole United States where you can go into the ocean. So check back in a year or whatever when Google updates their maps for a safe bet.
This one's a meme. XD
Is this some meme I don't recognize? On my friends page, I have both you and noonereally's journal. And they both ask me to swim across the Atlantic Ocean. :)

I mean, shinmizu and noonereally look sort of similar, but one has a kid, and the other....won't reveal whether he has kids or not. ;) (just kidding)
I LOL'd.
HAHAHHA. that made my day. tight.
I have not laughed so hard in so long. :)