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Random Observation

Confident people often talk less.  On the other hand, talkative people often lack inner confidence, almost to the point they seem to use their talkativeness to hide and/or guard their vulnerable self.  Poor folks.  They have my pity.


i disagree. i talk alot because my culture is based on heavy amounts of communication. silence is renunciation, and reserved for those who have given up the worldly life.
Note the use of word “often” and you'll find you don't have to be on a defensive side. :D
I often hate it when people use measurement words like "Often", "Sometimes", or "Rarely" to justify their counterpoint as being not all inclusive, when in fact they have nothing to support their statement with at all. Many times, it's the mark of someone who merely wants to insinuate a conflict without justifying their position.
Yup, that was an inherent risk of having myself misunderstood; I was just too lazy to elaborate in too much detail in what I regarded as a quick note-like post.  :D  Maybe I should write a full-fledged article about it in a TWC post some time… but just not now.
I also disagree...I talk a lot, and I'm pretty sure I don't have low self-confidence. That's not to say I'm not modest, either.

But I do see where you're coming from...it just depends on the content of the talking going on, if there's a whole lotta nothing coming out I'd agree that person has issues.
See above.
And actually it's a tad bit deeper than that, and it's not just a matter of garbage-spewing; in fact, one can hold an otherwise very intelligent conversation just to hide one's weakness.  “Offense is the best defense”: People who talk first usually gets the lead of a conversation, and they can use that to keep the topic well within their comfort zone.
So, I should feel good about the fact I tend to make only one LJ update a week now? XD
LOL, abpit half of the people on my F-list, if not more, never update their LJ.  XD
s/abpit/about/g _-_
Man, if I could only be as confident as they. ;_;
Nah, they just don't care about this side of the world.  XD
*giggles* Ohh when I saw this I thought to myself, "So how many people are going to feel slighted by Eugene for this one?"


Definitely not me.
Two so far, and counting! XD
Wait a minute… *sees Niq's post below* Three!  XD
*lol* Yeah I figured. I know what you mean though but I'm not going to an all out OMG WTF LJ WAR with you. *teheheh*

But a lot of it has to do with how people view silence as well =D
LJ war is overrated and stupid anyways. :-p
Hey, some talky people are still confident. I talk to make people laugh, and I'm usually successful at it.
Ah, I guess that's a different type of confidence, about one's specific ability.  I'm talking about the confidence about one's general attitude towards the external world, or what would perhaps be better described as “confidence in oneself.”
Oh noes! You got me, Eugene. I feel very offended. :P This is describing me to the "T".

LOLlercoaster XD
Sometimes I think I fall into that description.

As long as you are aware of that, it's all good… It really gets bad when one does that subconsciously.

I don't feel like "it's all good." I feel as though I should be confident. Or perhaps because I also dislike long moments of silence when I am around people. I don't want to seem like a dull person because I'm not.
Well, that's actually different from lack of confidence; no one likes awkward moments like that.  XD