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In an attempt to fight boredom and laziness, here's a meme…

Comment and I will:

  1. Tell you why I friended you.
  2. Associate you with something. A fandom, a song, a colour, a piece of fruit. SOMETHING.
  3. Tell you something I like about you.
  4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
  5. Associate you with a character/pairing.
  6. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
  7. Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.
  8. In retort, you must spread this disease in your LJ.


Test my best. XD
1. Man, #ddrfreak!  What else need I say? XD
2. Your hat.  Because it was in my living room for more than an year!  XD
3. You're very down to earth and friendly.
4. E3.  Oh yes, I miss that.
5. Jinsoo from the webcomic "26 Years" (um, sorry, this is a Korean one, but really, that's what I was reminded of :-p).
6. Where did you get that hat?  :D
7. "That's so gay" XD
sounds like fun
1. An awesome lady, with an awesome boyfriend too.  Just couldn't resist!
2. Runner's high.  Oh yes.  XD
3. You open up quite a lot on your LJ.  Shows the goodwill/honesty/earnesty in you.  :D
4. That random dinner with Mel where the topic somehow magically drifted from random American pop commentary to random dating experiences to random bashing of Mr. President.  LOL
5. Kagura from Azumanga Daioh.
6. So when are you two gonna get married?  You're too cute a couple to remain ununited (I know I just made that word up LOL).  XD
Hi! :)
1. Man, this one's easy: You're one of the first close friends I've ever made in the states.  ♥
3. You have strong and firm grip on your life, yet you never come as obnoxious.  :D
4. Jello shots!  I miss them!  XDD
5. The Snowths.  ♥
6. How come you don't visit us in the bay area as often as before anymore ;_;
7. The iguana one… I guess you had it so long it sorta grew upon me.  XD
This sounds fun!
1. Because you're the coolest and hottest in the OLR cast.  XD
2. Bittersweet chocolate.  I think it's the word "dark" in your SN.  LOL
3. You can be way too cute, especially in those "Not Love, Me" pseudo-emails!
4. I was playing midnight blue^ and you relayed it on OLR.  Embarrassed the hell outta me!  LOL
5. Yomi from Azumanga Daioh.  XD
6. So um, how many friend filters do you have?  XD
7. The default Aries one; it's cool-sexy!  :D

1. Because you're one of the people with unique (read: cool) brain waveforms around me.  :D
2. Dragonlance.  Although I'm not into it.  :-p
3. You always keep it cool.  :D
4. Tokyo.  Yum.  XD
5. Archie from Candy Candy.  (Yes, call me girly.  XD)
6. Do you keep a collection of your personal, literary works?
7. The fear//sadness one; it's so emotastically beautiful.  No really.  :D
Oh, oh! Me! MEeee~ :)
1. Because you are a great person with hella positive vibes.  :D
2. For some reason, every time I see you I'm reminded of the Prince of All Cosmos playing basketball with his katamari.  Don't ask.  XD
3. You know how to giggle properly.  Kekeke.
4. Long IM convos :D
5. Your userpic above already features him.  XDD
6. Have you ever cosplayed?  If not, do you plan to?
7. The "bouncing toasts" one.  :D

Side note: No go for Mon-Tues. Dual mid-terms for sad =(
1. You are one of the coolest/cutest (LOL) people in the scene.
2. A white sport jacket. 
3. The grin.  :DD
4. Your birthday party.  Especially when your mom went “Noooooo” at you while you were um, dancing.  XD
6. What do you (want to) major in?
7. The “He'll make you look bad at everything” one 'cause it carries a certain non-negligible amount of truth in it.  LOL
  1. That was only a natural consequence of bonding, especially after the trip to Reno!  (I still miss that bartender.  LOL)
  2. Torn between a white peach and the MAC.  XD
  3. You seem able to figure out a sensibly positive/optimistic aspect of virtually all hardships of life.  :D
  4. Those night-long (or day-long for you 'cause you were in Japan LOL) IM convos.  Sorry it didn't work out as we all hoped, but alas, c'est la vie.  *sigh*
  5. Kagura from Azumanga Daioh.
  6. So how's your life been, on that other side of country?  XD
  7. The TCBY one.  Looks like you were having such a good time.  :D
You are enquiring about a challange?!
  1. A moderator once, a moderator forever.  LOLOL
  2. A panda mask.  Ahahaha.
  3. That smile your userpic has right there.  Wish I could pull that at times (especially before/after some goofiness on me side).  XD
  4. Chicken tic-tac-toe.  Oh joy.  Kekeke.
  5. Bad Idea Bears from Avenue Q.  Yes, you are /that/ mischievous.  Kekeke.
  6. What do you do for a living these days?
  7. Boo, you have only one userpic!  LOL

Do DOOOOO-dodo do!

  1. I would've been damned had I not, after all the good times we've had in the scene!  XD
  2. Your white hat.  ♥
  3. Your attitude towards the life seems like a nice mixture of being cool and being hot.  That's definitely not an easy combination to come by.
  4. MGL.  PIU Zero.  Putting our flexibility on test.  HOO HA HOO HA
  5. Nickie from Avenue Q.
  6. So which one do you like better these days, PIU or ITG?  LOLOL
  7. The Ichijou one.  I've yet to see that look on your face in person though.  XD
*activates non-homoerotic love*
  1. Because you had shown that we share so much with, in terms of background, interest, etc.  (And since then, random LJ convos have shown that we share so much MORE.  Awesometasticular.  XD)
  2. A tuxedo.  Don't ask, 'cause I don't know, it just popped in me mind.  XD
  3. Your singing.  ♥
  4. You are the only person who I know has been moved to tears, besides myself, by Andrea Bocelli and Helena.  ♥ x4216471234
  5. Nyamo (Kurosawa-sensei) from Azumanga Daioh.
  6. Any plan to make a visit to Fanime?  I'd love to perform with you on the same stage.  :D
  7. The “rude” one.  You look both like Cypher and like Agent Smith at the same time.  Kekeke.
  1. Because it hit me that the regional table of cool folks on my LJ had been saying “Salinas/Monterey: (No one yet) [FIXME]”.  XD
  2. A small, cute, ivory-colored hatchback.  XD  (Too bad we don't see really cute ones here in the states; that's one thing Europe pwns America about.  LOL)
  3. Your ♥ for GNR.  Especially November Rain.  ♥♥♥
  4. Gawking at you at SVGL and muttering to myself: ‘Well, there goes another myth busted, who says girls can't play IIDX?’  (Then later I had a similar experience while watching iguanagrrl play IIDX too.  XDD)
  5. July Moore from Hotel Africa.  (Sorry, it's a manhwa—Korean manga—I'll show you later when I have a chance, 'cause I tend to have the books around me at all times.  :-p)
  6. So what would you say about your brother as a person?
  7. The “liek omg” one.  Valspeak is always LOL.  XD
me. kinda late, but me! XD
  1. Because you are as awesome as my dear roommate.  Well, you don't end every IM sentence with a period, but you can draw better than he can.  XD =3=333
  3. You're smart but at the same time neither overbearing nor arrogant—something I guess you picked up from Cynan.  :D
    Me: _-_?
  5. Maya from Azumanga Daioh.  (*meow*)
  6. Ever plan to come back to California after you graduate?
  7. O RLY?