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2007-04-15 15:20 PDT

As of the time mentioned above, I renewed my record of the “closest call from up above”: I almost died on I-680 in Martinez, after this crazy lady reared into my bumper at what seemed like 90-100 while I was doing only 70.  My car turned 180 degrees and crashed into the center divider from behind.  Yes, just like in the movie!  XDD

Details and pictures to come later tonight.  For now though: That lady's getting into a big trouble for sure.  _------_



Holy shit! Waiting for details for sure, but are you all right?
word for word what i was going to post. hope you're ok, blue.
I'm not gonna die until I hit Santa Ramen with you for once LOL
I don't feel any pain or anything yet... Hopefully it'll stay that way *fingers crossed*
Whoa! Damn that's scary :(

I hope you're okay!
Yup, gonna see a doctor tomorrow though.  Just to be sure.  :o

Good to hear nothing SERIOUS concerning your health happened....SLAP THAT WOMAN IN THE FACE, please!
My palm's gonna curse at me for that!  Besides, she'll get enough slappage from both DMV and her insurance company.  LOL
Thank jesusallahbuddah you're alright.
LOLlercoaster (for the "JAB") XD
I'm definitely glad YOU'RE able to post it, rather than, say, Cynan. >_<

No offense to Cynan, of course.
No offense taken, Eric.

I felt so lame, since Eugene tried to call me from his car phone, and I didn't pick up since I don't normally pick up calls from phone numbers which I don't recognize. No, I did not know Eugene's car phone number before yesterday. Luckily, Eugene left a voicemail saying, "Yeah, Cynan, this is Eugene. This is an emergency..." And then, boom, I didn't even hear the rest of the message because I hit the End button, and then the Talk button to call that number back.

I'm glad Eugene is OK.
At least now you know when to pick up my emergency call (read: my #) XD  Thank you again for your help :D
LOL you and your witty comment. XD  Thanks1
Dammmmmn. Good thing you're okay.
Need an "m"-repeater?  XD  But yeah, I was fortunate like no other!
*hugs* are you okay?
*hugs back* yep yep :D
Hoping that you're okay, man...
Don't worry, you'll be glomped by a shexay Kolean once more at this Fanime XD
Hope you are okay! No need for an injured Korean.

And rip her head off...LOL
She's already in a deep pile of shit, no need to disgrace my own hands!  LOL
Women drivers, no survivors...

Anyway, hope the you and the ride are fine. Milk that woman for everything she has.
Man, you know...  Had my camera back or my laptop been damaged (they were both in the trunk), that would've meant an instant lawsuit!  LOL