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2007-04-15 15:20 PDT

As of the time mentioned above, I renewed my record of the “closest call from up above”: I almost died on I-680 in Martinez, after this crazy lady reared into my bumper at what seemed like 90-100 while I was doing only 70.  My car turned 180 degrees and crashed into the center divider from behind.  Yes, just like in the movie!  XDD

Details and pictures to come later tonight.  For now though: That lady's getting into a big trouble for sure.  _------_



Holy shit! Waiting for details for sure, but are you all right?
word for word what i was going to post. hope you're ok, blue.
I'm not gonna die until I hit Santa Ramen with you for once LOL
I don't feel any pain or anything yet... Hopefully it'll stay that way *fingers crossed*