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So what happened?

Pictures first!

Full details still in the working, but in a nutshell:

  • I'm in the fast lane, and see this car ZOOMING IN from behind in the rearview mirror.

  • I start getting out of her way by shifting to the right lane.

  • It turns out she was WAY faster than I thought and she tried to fishtail me on my right without even slowing down.

  • So we end up in the same lane again and BAM, she hits me from behind in the right corner of my bumper.

  • The right wheels seem to have lost their friction, and the car starts to turn counterclockwise, then after making a bit more than a half turn, it starts to move backwards because of inertia.

  • I slam on the brake, and it starts to slow down, but not until the same right corner of the rear bumper butts into the center divider.

Yes, considering the impact, my car survived with minimal damage inflicted upon it.



Well, I'm glad that you're still alive (and hopefully well). I hope it wasn't a hit and run. :(
Nope, it wasn't.  Had it been one, I would've traced her to the end of this world! _-_


Glad to hear you and your car are safe at least..

How old was the idiot driver?

Re: wows

Thanks!  I guess she was in her mid-to-late 20s.  Looks like her insurance company's gonna get mad at her for sure.  XD
Glad to hear you are safe! Oh man your baby's damaged! D:
I just hope the frame can be fixed (the trunk wouldn't close)  I love this car!  ;_;
Considering how the trunk closes unevenly, I'd say there's probably something quite unpleasant waiting under the metal. Like, for instance, framing or other sorts of core structural members being warped by the impact. I wouldn't be surprised given the speed differential.

Also, I never understood why people feel the need to do 25mph or more over the speed limit. Ever. I don't care what excuse you have; most of the traffic around you isn't going to be anywhere near as fast as you, and so you're a big hazard.
Mmhmm.  I don't care if someone does 100+ while no one else is around and the road condition is good, but otherwise, it's nothing but just downright crazy.
Glad that you're ok and that you came out unscathed! Thankfully, cars can be repaired. Bodies, not so much. :P
LOL yup, I just hope I didn't get a nasty whiplash (I'll see by the end of this week)...
glad to hear you're okay! i hope the other driver pays big time.
Hell yes, I wouldn't be surprised if she lost her insurance after this.
Glad you're ok. That's nuts.
Oh man, thankfully you're all right. It sounds like it could have been a lot worse from your description.
Yeah, it's a real miracle that I'm still part of this world.  LOL
I'm glad you made it! the damage really does look minimal from that kind of impact... saturn huh? But I guess the real damage is in the frame huh?
Aw... Poor saturn....
I hope your body feels ok. If you get sore look for some arnica, ir can help reduse muscle inflamation.

Thank goodness, the frame wasn't damaged significantly; the only thing that got bent was a small, structurally insignificant metal flange.  x_x