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The Root Cause of Global Warming

Courtesy of talinthas.



So, the government has the ability to predict the weather perfectly?

Rather, the government has the ability to adjust the solar energy intake on the global level.  XDD

Damn it, Congress! Give me that remote control!

...for the sun.

Can I borrow that remote control?  I need it to heat my bedroom!  Kekeke.

And they will use the extra energy to oust Mr. President… Fuck those liberals and their shady conspiracy!  LOL

Surely Congress could add an extra 4 hours of night, then, so we could all sleep longer?

s/sleep longer/play more/



Exceeeeeeept the DST changes were passed when Congress was controlled by the Republicans.

::This should come as no suprise to any reasonable person::

So anyone who doesn't think this isn't reasonable? Please, spare me.

::you would think that members of congress would consider the warming effect

that an extra hour of daylight would have on our climate::
Who is to say daylight savings times does anything to our climate? Our climate is determined by reactions from heat from the sun. The government cannot control the sun or the earth's tilt toward it.

::Perhaps this is another plot by a liberal congress to make us believe
global warming is a real threat::

No this wasn't a plot. However, studies do indicate that global warming is false and the facts directly contradict the theory. Carbon Dioxide doesn't cause climate change in the atmosphere, but rather it is vice versa. Studies have proven that over time climate is the source of carbon dioxide raises after a few hundred years of time passes.