The Tridecadal Korean (astralblue) wrote,
The Tridecadal Korean

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Fobby English moment of the week

(16:11:50) Me: *sniffs at Kimmie's fingers*
(16:11:55) Me: Mmm, puppy scent...
(16:11:55) Kimmie: o_O
(16:11:56) Me: =3
(16:11:59) Kimmie: PUPPY????
(16:12:00) Kimmie: o_O
(16:12:09) Kimmie: THAT LOOKS LIKE A PUPPY TO YOU?!?!!?!
(16:12:11) Me: *points at the camwhores*
(16:12:17) Me: No wait
(16:12:26) Me: Damn, fobby English day -_-
(16:12:30) Me: I meant kitty
(16:12:56) Me: *shoots self*
(16:13:04) Kimmie: hahahahahahahahahahaaha
(16:13:05) Kimmie: XD

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