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Random Firefox Shortcut/Discovery of the Day

Middle-clicking on a tab closes it.  Now I can be 0.74% lazier, no longer having to pinpoint the cursor at that tiny X button anymore.  :D



I just discovered that dragging a tab down into the body of the website refreshes said tab! :O
yea...discovered same thing trying to close the tab..!
Wow. Now mind you, you delayed me responding to this post by a good 5 seconds, waiting for LJ to reload after I closed the tab I had LJ on.

Some time-saver, genius... =P
You didn't know that? That behavior has been in place since it was called Firebird. Makes me swear at Microsoft when the same behavior doesn't work in Visual Studio...
Dude, just press Ctrl+W. It's way easier than moving your hand all the way to the mouse. Also ctrl+pgup/down switches between tabs. Barely even have to move your hands. =P
Already knew, but sometimes I'm too lazy to reach for the keyboard. XD
Did you know you could click and drag pictures to the address bar to view the picture's link? Totally cool. :)
awesome i feel stupid now