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Random Korean Saying of the Day

종로에서 뺨 맞고 한강에서 눈 흘긴다

It means “Gets slapped at Jongno (one of the busiest streets in downtown Seoul) and stares at River Han (far far away from Jongno).”  And I was reminded of this because…

Remember this one guy who was banned from MGL for a month because he did all sorts of stupid things, such as:

  • Punching the DDR Extreme screen so hard coins in the line would fall off, and
  • Also breaking Milton's drummania cymbal combo by hitting the same cymbal out of timing admittedly on purpose,

… all because he was pissed he got a couple of Greats while trying to AAA 5.1.1. on Light?  Oh, yeah, he also tried to guilt-trip everyone so he can return to MGL before the ban expired, only to face responses “No, we still don't want you here, stay the hell away!”…

Well, it looks like he submitted certain entries on Urban Dictionary after he unsucessfully tried to return to MGL.  Looks like someone was sour.  Of course, it's been 3 years and the guy probably has changed since then, so I'm not trying to (say everyone should) still judge him based upon this, but it's still hella LOLlerskate.


*laughs* This reminds me. I need to find out what exactly happened that got someone I know banned from 8 on the Break. I've got some possible ideas, but nothing set, and he wouldn't talk about it. I should ask around a bit more and see what's up. Oh, and check out Pump Pro, Distorted, and Pop'n while I'm at it, once they get there.
LMFAO, I love Ryan. And man, I thought I was the only DDRFreak freak enough to still remember people like gs68. I also loved the argument about HAWT GURLS ZOMG in the first link. XD
HAHA! I completely forgot about GS68!

That guy went to my high school. Pretty sure he was 3 classes under me, and I think his name was Rayyyyymond or something close to that. Some of the most awkward moments in my life were had when he actually referred to me as "ferrari"...at school. >_>

Should look him up :D
that was amusing to read.
I remember that retard. _-_.