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While Their Code May Suck, Your Ego Sucks As Much

Dear P,

Thank you for continually IMing me with links to a random cvsweb diff and making fun of the programmer for the slightest mistakes he/she's made in the code.  It just reassures me that you won't be part of any open-source projects I create.

Perhaps you thought you could suggest how superior a person you are by doing that, but in reality it fails miserably, especially when you have not contributed anything major to any of the projects you are criticizing for “pathetic quality.”  In fact, hell, you don't even use those programs, and correct me if I'm wrong, but you don't participate in any open-source project whatsoever.  Furthermore, you know what?  Your programming skill isn't that impressive either (I should know this, from all the source code you've created for your programming class and shown me).

So your “criticism” is actually nothing more than a means of masturbating your overinflated ego.  And frankly speaking, I'm getting sick of it.  Perhaps I should return the same amount of snide criticism next time you proudly present the source code of your next programming class homework, and maybe you will learn how to be more prudent and humble about others, and also how to stop being such a smartass.



I don't know who you're talking about, or what piece of code... but this is definitely a lesson everyone needs to learn at some point:

No matter how good you are/think you are at something, someone else is better.


Now, back to MY pathetic-quality CS project. ;-)

I thought DDR Freak Forums FAQ had something along the line of it, but can't find it…:

A: Someone else beat you to it, so shut up.

That should be recursive, but I fear the effects that an infinite number of DDR players would have on the stability of the planet.

LOL mathematical induction _-_;

But that's okay, there's eventually gonna be someone who doesn't care somewhere on that chain, effectively terminating it there.  XD

So your “criticism” is actually nothing more than a means of masturbating your overinflated ego. And frankly speaking, I'm getting sick of it.

I love you Eugene ♥
it wasn't me