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Why I Love Nodame Cantabile

Musicians, Poets, Novelists, and Artists.  They all have one thing in common: They are full of themselves, and that's what makes them great.  No, I'm being serious here.  Without such a pride in what they do, they cannot possibly produce the greatest work in history.

Sometimes the pride manifests itself in a childish way.  Sometimes in a moving, heartfelt way.  Yet other times in a romantic way.  But many—if not most—of the times, it manifests itself in such a subtle way that only fellow musicians/poets/novelists/artists would catch the hint of it.  Suppose two musicians are having a chat.  In what seems like a casual dialog where ordinary people would find nothing, a third, fellow musician would find instead a bunch of cues of ego, and would let out a couple of quiet chuckles, because he actually sees himself in those cues, as if they were a mirror.

And… Yes, those are the same chuckles I let out whenever I read or watch Nodame Cantabile.  The author apparently has a serious background in—or at least conducted a thorough study of—musical performance.  Either way, it is awesome.