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NC Ep21

Dear Producer,

You know how to tease people to death.

Dying x_x,

This episode reconfirms why my favorite male character in the series is not Chiaki but Mine.  He earned my full respect for the scene in the episode: He knows how to take the lead where it really matters, and that alone makes him deserve such a fine lady as Kiyora.

When I first read that scene in the original manga, I couldn't do anything but ask myself if I would—or rather, could—have done the same had I been in his shoes, that really is a tough decision.  Yes, really tough even for me who, as some of you know, try and let one go if I decide the best path for her to take is the one without me.

By the way, I can sense a fresh new fandom building around Takahashi Noriyuki, the new concertmaster of R☆S Orchestra.  If there were a pretty-boy award in this anime, he would win it for sure.  Poor Chiaki!  XD  (Well, not that Chiaki would really care though.  XDD)

Ahiiiiiii~ ° _.°//~