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Long Beach Convention Center is infinitely better than the old Anaheim Convention Center: It's spacier, cooler (temperature-wise) and a lot more “hip”—since it's located right in downtown Long Beach, there are a lot more things to do other than just to roam aimlessly around the convention center itself.  ♥

And because I-405 is easily accessible from LBCC (simply take 710 then hop onto 405), Shinsengumi is still within an acceptable distance (about 15-20 minutes when there's no traffic)!  ♥♥♥

A funny thing: I was walking around the main theatre around 3pm, and all of a sudden a lot of staff members began distributing tickets for the S.K.I.N concert for free!  I got one too, but unfortunately I couldn't use it because I didn't have a badge at the moment (I'm getting it tomorrow).  So the unadulterated ticket will probably end up in my collection of memorabilia.  XD

BTW, half the water fountains inside the convention center are broken; I could find the grand total of one fountain which actually dispensed cold water at a reasonable pressure.  Kinda sucks when you get thirsty then would have to walk all the way to that fountain just to take a sip or two.  Well, that is, unless you are willing to buy a can of Rockstar for $5.  What a ripoff, but then most convention centers charge an arm and a leg for random things like that, so it's nothing new….  _-_;

Speaking of rip-off: While walking back to my car, I passed the loading dock for the exhibit halls.  And there was sign: “Hand trucks prohibited / cart service available for $95 per round-trip.”  Yes, you read that right.  No, there isn't a dot missing between the 9 and 5.  _-_;;;;;

My motel is in a cheap suburb of Long Beach, right on Long Beach Blvd which directly leads to the convention center in downtown.  And there are bus services between there and the convention center, with special “owl” (that is, late-night) services.  I think I'll commute on bus and save $20+ (one-day parking is $8.50, with no in-and-out privilege; yes, sucky).

Anyways, it's almost midnight; off I go back to the motel and to bed (I'm at a Starbucks now)!  Gotta get up early tomorrow to meet up with wilykitsune.  :D


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