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Chuck E. Cheese

It seems that the rumor is true, that each and every Chuck E. Cheese's is supposed to have a PIU machine.  I just returned from the one that apparently just opened in Brentwood (near Antioch), and I guess that's gonna replace UC Davis as my favorite PIU joint.  ♥♥♥

Wendell, are you up for a lunch or dinner there?  XD



The comment you made in the post about filling up your gas tank at $2.99 made me think "ok, but how much did he burn getting home" XD
Still better than UC Davis! ♥
Not sure if I'd be down for the Chuck E. Cheese food there, but there are plenty of restaurants nearby that we might be able to hit up. When are the usual times that you are free to come by my area?
Yeah, I saw that it was part of a big shopping plaza/complex, so it wouldn't be surprising to find other good restaurants around.  I'll be there mostly on Saturday and/or Sunday, during the day. :D
Happy Birthday Blue!
Thanks!  &hearts