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Useful Combo of Situation, Resource and Skills

Broken and out-of-warranty MP3 player
+ some knowledge in circuits
+ multimeter
+ soldering iron (ready for extra-tiny parts, hi modchips)

= extended life of the said MP3 player.

P.S.  zqfmbg: Thank you for being the only on-topic commenter.  *sighes*  _-_



"said" is used as a determinant in that sentence, therefore it needs no preceding determiner.
you mean as in "the said"?
"said" is used as a determinant in that sentence, therefore it needs no preceding determiner.

There is a comma splice in the previous sentence. What is the proverb about those who live in glass houses? :)
As a linguist I'm nowhere near a prescriptive grammarian, but I do point out unconventional uses of English when I believe they apply.

As for my supposed slip-up, you may be interested in Language Log, which focuses quite a lot on varying usage of everything in language, from punctuation, to parts of speech, to accents, to whatever you'd like.

Focusing on my specific example, conjunctions are quite a sour spot in English syntax, and the only rules about proper punctuation surrounding them come from drivel such as Strunk and White's "Elements of Style," which have no real basis in actual modern writing. But according to a Google search on the word "therefore", and the Wikipedia entry for Comma splice, my use of a coordinating conjunction following a comma breaks no conventional grammar rule at all, including those of Strunk and White.
I am not a linguist or a grammarian. The barb about those who live in glass houses was in jest. :)

Nonetheless, your post caused me to realize a few things.

(1) Looking through the Wikipedia article on comma splices, I found that using coordinating conjunctions is one method of eliminating comma splices.

(2) Looking through a few of the pages which were linked from your link to the Google search on "therefore", I could not find a statement from a grammarian that stated that "therefore" is a coordinating conjunction (FANBOYS is what I remember from grammar when I was in elementary school....*shudder*)

(3) Having been a math major, I should have realized that your supposed slip-up, regardless of whether it is an actual error, has been uttered by almost everyone who have ever learned about Rene Descartes in an English-speaking environment. "I think, therefore I am." /me slaps forehead loudly and laughs out loud

(4) Our thread of comments has derailed Eugene's post. Hi, Jack. XD