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Useful Combo of Situation, Resource and Skills

Broken and out-of-warranty MP3 player
+ some knowledge in circuits
+ multimeter
+ soldering iron (ready for extra-tiny parts, hi modchips)

= extended life of the said MP3 player.

P.S.  zqfmbg: Thank you for being the only on-topic commenter.  *sighes*  _-_


I am not a linguist or a grammarian. The barb about those who live in glass houses was in jest. :)

Nonetheless, your post caused me to realize a few things.

(1) Looking through the Wikipedia article on comma splices, I found that using coordinating conjunctions is one method of eliminating comma splices.

(2) Looking through a few of the pages which were linked from your link to the Google search on "therefore", I could not find a statement from a grammarian that stated that "therefore" is a coordinating conjunction (FANBOYS is what I remember from grammar when I was in elementary school....*shudder*)

(3) Having been a math major, I should have realized that your supposed slip-up, regardless of whether it is an actual error, has been uttered by almost everyone who have ever learned about Rene Descartes in an English-speaking environment. "I think, therefore I am." /me slaps forehead loudly and laughs out loud

(4) Our thread of comments has derailed Eugene's post. Hi, Jack. XD