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Guess Why I Did This… XD

  • I was driving on I-680 SB back from Sacramento.
  • Got onto Martinez Bridge.  I was in the leftmost lane.
  • Shifted all the way to the right lane.
  • Got off the freeway at Marina Vista Avenue, the first exit after the bridge.
  • Got back onto I-680 NB.
  • Crossed Martinez Bridge again.
  • Got off the freeway at Lake Herman Rd, the second exit after the bridge.
  • Got back onto I-680 SB.
  • Crossed Martinez Bridge once again.
  • Drove happily back home.

…  XD XD XD!


o_o no traffic made you do happy things?
Bought a FasTrak transponder at Costco?


cuz there was no fee that day for some reason?? and i think you already have a fastrak transponder, but if not, then that'd def be my guess.
oops that was me earlier...and right after i commented I saw why on sfgate -_-^ i knew it. finally, after long awaited years, it's finished!!!
ooh ooh ooh I think I know!!!

Didnt they just open the new northbound lanes on that bridge?
I know exactly why (go engineers!) and it is partially due to FasTrak. I am itching to try it out myself. XD