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2006-08-28: Red Moon

Red Moon

300mm, f/5.6, 1.3", ISO 3200
Cropped 30% to 1000mm equiv.

Copyright © 2007 Eugene M. Kim.  All rights reserved.


Ooh, ooh... think you could hook up a full version of that? (Would make some lovely wallpaper here!)
Sorry, I couldn't focus the lens to my satisfaction so the picture looks all blurry at the full resolution...  x_x  (This one is scaled down by 1/3.  _-_)  Plus the picture grain/noise is just awful at the full resolution, with the sensitivity set at ISO 3200.  _-_;;;;;
pretty....I saw it finally last night. after the 2nd attempt :p thx to brother who's relatively younger and youthful still to have the energy to stay up the whole time till 3am :p


Nice shot

I tried to get a shot of it on my small digital camera... yeah, there's a reason why DSLRs are used for real photos. =D