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Ever since Tuesday, the chorus section of Umbrella by Rihanna had been stuck in my head, although I didn't like the song to begin with.  _-_  Then yesterday, while I was browsing through the MelOn catalog I found:

Super Junior - 2007 Summer SMTOWN - 03. Happiness.mp3 ]
Link expires in 3 days.

This is a recent remake of 행복 (Happiness) which was sung originally by H.O.T, and this time by Super Junior, a boy band also known by abbreviated names SuJu and SJ and formed/managed by SM Entertainment, which also managed H.O.T back in the days.  Unlike the original, it has this sugar-pop-like bouncy feeling in it, and that makes the song a perfect booster of an otherwise dull and boring day.  :D

And yes, this song successfully replaced Umbrella.  Thank goodness.  XD

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