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This is too good not to share:

The one in the center gets pwned ]
Jacked from cuteoverload

In other news, Eugene L. has left for Japan to start working as a regular staff of Shiki Theatre Company 劇団四季 (she was hired shortly after her last show, the Korean production of The Lion King, had ended).  She is staying in Yokohama 横浜, one of the bigger satellite cities around Tokyo 東京.

She called me the first night there and said it was too damn fucking cold because the apartment didn't have any heating furnace and no one had brought a electric heater either.  She couldn't go to bed for until 4am then ended up drinking a cocktail of soju and chili pepper flakes to warm herself up.  ;_;

I'm sending her an electric blanket soon1 but I still feel kinda powerless, 'cause there isn't much else I can do for her.  Sucks #1.  Also, she's out of reach until she gets a cell phone set up today or tomorrow, and being unable to talk to her and see if she's doing fine in the very first few days in Japan makes me indescribably nervous, because this is the first time she's gonna live on her own outside Korea after all.  Sucks #2.  ;_;

1 By the way, this blanket rocks because it warms you indirectly by circulating hot water in a long-winded tube inside the blanket, which means 1) your body doesn't get exposed to electromagnetic wave as much as with ordinary electric blankets, and 2) it gradually heats up and cools down and it feels very soothing.

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soju + chili pepper flakes!?

Just curious, how much did/will you pay for the electric blankets?
$230 at Cosmos near Kiely and El Camino (in the same shopping complex as the Office Depot)
I'm looking at overstock right now and they look like they have a sale (like two digit pricing $xx.xx), or are these just low quality?
Is the product info available online?  Then perhaps I could tell...
I may be a bit late but what about a "care package". It could be random pictures of you two together framed up or something or other things to cheer her up to make her feel warm.
Mmhmm, that's indeed what I'm doing. :)