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Dear Turtle Beach and Epson:

You suck for loading a USB device support program on the system tray and consuming 100+MB of memory even while I don't have the audio interface or the printer connected to the system.


P.S.  Oh yeah Epson, you suck 300% more for making it impossible to disable your goddamned system tray icon.  -_-t)

P.P.S.  And Turtle Beach, you suck 200% more for saying “Oh wow, you connected the interface to a different USB port from the one you used last time, which means, you have to reboot!  Bwahahahaha!” -_-t)


I'll never buy a turtle beach product ever since their nintendo ds headset sucked so much =/

You know, it wasn't that long ago when I didn't even HAVE 100MB of memory...