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iconv-url.php is an HTTP redirector that computes the destination URL by iconv-translating various components of a given URL.

This is most useful with Firefox quick searches for legacy web sites that expect query terms in some other encoding than UTF-8.  For example, the quick search URL“” would work for NAVER Dictionary, which expects its query term in CP949 (aka UHC).

(In case you weren't familiar with Firefox quick search, it's a custom bookmark with %s in the URL and given a bookmark keyword.  If the URL above had the keyword “nd”, entering “nd lookmeup” in the address bar would indeed look up “lookmeup” in NAVER Dictionary.  :D)




URL to convert and redirect to.


URL components to translate, separate by commas.

Valid components are scheme, user, host, path, query and fragment, as in: scheme://user:pass@host/path?query#fragment.

The default list is: user,pass,query,fragment


URL query variables to convert.  If not specified, all variables are converted.  Only values of variables are converted; variable names are left unchanged.

from, to

Character encodings to convert from/to, as would be specified to iconv(8).  Defaults to UTF-8.


redirects to:

Note that the query variable x1 left unchanged because the variables parameter is set to “x2”; if it were omitted altogether or set to “x1,x2”, the varaible x1 would also be translated.

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