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February's around…

… and this is the officially busiest season for me out of the whole year, because I work for a Japanese company whose fiscal year ends at the end of March and the hard deadline for the project I manage is March 10th, about 5 weeks from now.

This fiscal year (FY2007) is the first time I manage my own project, so the pressure is surmounting at an amazing pace.  What's more one of my subordinates just can't live up to what he claims he's capable of, and I ended up doing most of his work on top of what I was supposed to do, which is not a trivial amount of work either.  So you can safely say I'm at least three times as stressed out as the previous fiscal years.

One would think I'd panic, go out of my mind or whatever.  But this year there's an important change in my life—there's another Eugene who is as important and precious as this Eugene that's typing this out.  Thanks to her, I can stay within the boundary of my own sanity.  It soothes the worn-out and burnt-out me like nothing else to talk to her every day.  It's not like she consciously does special things to me; it's just her presence—and mind you, it's not a physical presence either—that calms me down and “recharges” me 110%.

Sometimes I vent to Eugene about the hardships I face, and although she understands none of the technical details, it feels so damned good that she empathize with how I feel.  And that is more important than whatever advices any coworker would give me.  I needed to feel understood, and Eugene just does that, and she excels at it too.  I can't thank her enough for what her sympathy means to me.

Eugene is the most awesome partner, the sexiest girlfriend and the most precious soulmate that I have ever had in my thirty-something-year life.  May heavens bless our love forever….

P.S.  If any of you know the song that I'm listening to, you rock.  XD

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