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보면 한다.
Simple.  You see this, you do this.

Because this is a landmine meme.

보면 바로 하는 바톤 ← 이게 중요해!
A meme you are obliged to do the moment you see it. ← This is the whole point!

※본 사람은 반드시 한다.  지금 당장 한다.
※You saw this, you can't deny that, so you must do it.  Now.

좋아하는 타입을 외양만으로 대답해보자.
What style of person do you like, in terms of his/her outlook?

Not too short, not too tall, with deep and cute eyes.

연상 좋아해?
Don't you mind if he/she's older than you?

Not at all.

핸드폰은 어떤 걸 쓰나요?
What brand of cellphone do you use?

LG Chocolate 2G, dark navy blue.

핸드폰 고리는?
Does it have an ornamental strap on it too?

Two; Yamaha LCD cleaner and a shiny little shoe.  Both match Eugene's.  LOL

수첩은 가지고 있나요?
Do you carry a planner with you?

Not a paper one; the iPod Touch has everything that I need.  :D

가방은 어떤 걸 사용합니까?
How about a bag/purse/backpack/etc?

A laptop backpack that Hurricane Electric sent me as a holiday present.  It replaced the previous backpack which was slightly larger and much heavier.

가방의 주된 내용물은?
And what's inside?

Laptop and accessories; camera and accessories; iPod Touch accessories; some books and documents.

별을 보면 무엇을 빌어?
Any wish upon a star?

Wish Eugene and I lead a happy and content life.  :-)

만약 크레파스로 태어난다면 무슨 색이 좋아?
Say you are gonna be a crayon in your next life.  What color would you choose?

You see my LiveJournal ID, you know the answer.  XD

좋아하는 요일?
Your favorite day of the week.

Friday evening or Saturday morning.  (Yeah yeah, I'm an office zombie.  XD)

마지막으로 본 영화는?
What was the movie you last watched?

Oseam.  (It's a Korean animation.)

화날 때는 어떻게 해?
What do you do when you get angry or upset?


세뱃돈은 어디에 써?
Where do you spend your New Year's Money?

Usually something to eat; last time it was on a box of beer.  LOL

여름과 겨울 중 어느 쪽이 좋아?
Summer, or winter?

Winter in Korea; summer in Cali.  I love snow and that freezing-cold and dry wind on my cheek.  Alas, San Francisco has none of them.

최근 울었던 건 언제?  왜?
You cried recently?  When, and why?

Not exactly recent; 4 months ago, when I watched Heavenly Forest with Eugene.  :-p

침대 아래에 뭐가 있어?
What's under your bed?

Some computer-related boxes (I don't even remember what they were); a long box for the electric blanket; some unused hard drives.

어젯밤 뭐 했어?
What did you do last night?

Work, Work, More Work™.  LOL

좋아하는 자동차는?
Favorite car?

Saturn SC2, 2000 or 2001.  (Mom has one.)  Then my Saturn ION3.

Shrimp—yay or nay?

Too bad Eugene's allergic to it….  T_T

자~ 이 포스팅 보신 분들 지뢰 밟으신 겁니다! 하세요!
Once again, you stepped on a landmine meme.  You do it, or you die.  LOL

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