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Tower From Tower

Tokyo Tower, viewed from Mori Tower

Copyright © 2008 Eugene M. Kim.  All rights reserved.

Need a wallpaper?  Click the image for the full-size version.

1x ♥ for sheer beauty of the structure.

3x ♥ for the stark color contrast.

16777216x ♥ for being there with Eugene.  ♥♥♥


My mental math fails me. Is that 2^24?
Score :D
Isn't it really?  The funny thing is though, Tokyo Tower doesn't look as magnificent when you are right next to it, especially during the daytime when it's rather ugly IMO.  LOL
LOL too bad I'm back in the states XD
Hey, was this taken during Earth Hour? If so, take another picture NOT during Earth Hour.
LOL I underexposed the picture on purpose (so that Tokyo Tower stands out XD).