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… Will shortly become the first arcade in NorCal with PIU NX2.  They are currently waiting for a missing part, which should arrive early next week.  Can't wait for it to go up and running!  XD XD XD


Happy Article for Deletion! (yes i know what day it is)
What a day today.

Anyways, played it at Reno already, and this ain't a joke either. har har :P
However, I'm still annoyed about Pump Pro. Apparently there's no doubles for what I want to play. Progressive would be SO much with doubles. People could just walk by and go WTF?? Yeah, it'd be a bitch, but it's be worth it. Anyway, I'll just have to content myself with the regular doubles charts. For someone who hasn't played much in a long time, it might be better. Doing doubles on Pump with crazy mods might be a little more than I'd be able to handle at the moment. The crossovers mixed with the probable bar-raping I'd need to do (since I've gained weight) would probably be too much. Oh well, there's still the insanely hacked and stocked ITG2 machine I can play SN/SN2 stuff on. :)

Oh, and THIS is how to hide a message. :P