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… Will shortly become the first arcade in NorCal with PIU NX2.  They are currently waiting for a missing part, which should arrive early next week.  Can't wait for it to go up and running!  XD XD XD


However, I'm still annoyed about Pump Pro. Apparently there's no doubles for what I want to play. Progressive would be SO much with doubles. People could just walk by and go WTF?? Yeah, it'd be a bitch, but it's be worth it. Anyway, I'll just have to content myself with the regular doubles charts. For someone who hasn't played much in a long time, it might be better. Doing doubles on Pump with crazy mods might be a little more than I'd be able to handle at the moment. The crossovers mixed with the probable bar-raping I'd need to do (since I've gained weight) would probably be too much. Oh well, there's still the insanely hacked and stocked ITG2 machine I can play SN/SN2 stuff on. :)

Oh, and THIS is how to hide a message. :P