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Dad: Virginia Tech treated suicidal son like ‘joke’ ]

I think I know which school not to send my kid to, for the school evidently does not learn from the past, not even from one that took 30+ lives.



Ever think the media might stretch things out of proportion?

Maybe you're a better parent than these idiots... but then maybe I'm giving you too much credit.

Re: Ever think the media might stretch things out of proportion?

Media, out of proportion, what a cliche.  Gimme a more concrete argument than repeating a general rule of thumb.  Perhaps another news article that views the same subject from a different angle.

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If your kid has mental problems you shouldn't send him or her to a major university with over 28,000 students if you really care about them. makes sense huh!

You missed this line in the article, didn't you?  “The dad says his son had not exhibited depression previously.”

Next time try not to make fun of yourself before making fun of someone else, mmkay?

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You are ignorant.

Good don't send your child to our lovely university, we don't need ignorant trash like yourself. Obviously, you don't read into the article to realize CNN is doing a poor job at relaying real news. The indvidual who committed suicide did so late last year, and this is now becoming national news the day before April 16th? How many students do you think committ suicide annually at all universities? Obviously this issue at hand here is was VT allowed to legally contact the students parents when the student is a legal adult? No, they aren't because for whatever reason privacy is valued.

Re: You are ignorant.

Countless people commit suicide at universities nationwide, so just one of them is not even a problem?  You are ignorant.  Oh wait, ignorant is not a correct word 'cause it means lack of knowledge, whereas you lack intelligence.  You are dumb.

P.S.  Your lovely university, eh?  Confirms my suspicion that some students have been mobilized to protest against this issue, in the form of anonymous comments.  Way to go, brave warrior!

Edited at 2008-04-15 10:11 pm (UTC)
I never knew you had a kid! Did you forget to tell me something last time we met?
The question is, did I do something 17 years ago, when I was 15? LOL
Wow, what's with the anonbombs? O_o