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What Ill-Bred Nationalism Does to One's Mind

Below is the video of a Chinese mob, most of them being college students in Seoul, that corners a couple of Korean pro-Tibet protesters in a hotel lobby and beating them up, in the heart of Seoul:

And in response to this, in the making is a nationalist organization named “짱깨 척살단”, with not a small number of college students, which aims to protest and terrorize Chinese people living in South Korea.

A fine example of ill-bred nationalism consuming even intelligentsia people.  Dot dot dot.


It irked me a lot to hear the rhetoric of pro-Chinese demonstrators when the torch made its way through here. Given how the Chinese government reacts to criticism (i.e. shoot the messenger), and the doctrine Chinese citizens have been fed for decades now, I'm not surprised about it... but it still irks me. For all the hypocrisy I see in American politics, it's still better than Chinese "politics".

(edit) For what it's worth, though... the creation of the nationalist organization invokes one of my other great peeves: the tendency of people to generalize grotesquely.

Edited at 2008-04-30 05:48 am (UTC)
Grotesque is the right word, because "척살단" means "clan of people beating others to death"
Wow. I take it the word preceding that has something to do with Chinese people?

I'm willing to bet the very next thing that happens is the Chinese government scolding the South Korean government for not doing more to control its citizens. More lovely hypocrisy -- ignore the stuff that favours you; scream bloody murder about the stuff that doesn't.
Yup, 짱깨 is a derogatory word that denotes Chinese people; think of "Chinks" here.
Understandable, but at the same time, very regrettable. sigh...
This all makes me sick (and I'm ethnically Chinese!!). I'm sorry to say this, but incidents like this make me ashamed of my heritage.

I wish both sides could see the stupidity of beating each other up over this.