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Heads-Up/PSA: Korean Food Products No Longer Safe

As part of the free-trade agreement (FTA) between South Korea and the United States, the import restriction upon U.S. raw beef and beef products made from cattles over 30 months old—the same ones that have been banned even in pet food in the states—by South Korea will be lifted soon.  Among other things, this implies a much greater risk of cross-contamination, upon slaughter, between specific risk materials (SRMs), which may contain dangerous amount of prions in cattles over 30 months old, and other parts for consumption by humans.

In layman's terms: Do not eat any food that was made in Korea and may contain beef, unless you want holes in your brain; this includes Korean ramen (and yes, it saddens me tremendously ;_;).  Korean food products marked as “Made in USA” are not necessarily safe either, as their ingredients may have been imported from Korea.

To Japan and other countries that are trying to fend off U.S. beef products: We, Korean people, are sorry for electing/having such an idiotic president, congressmen, and cabinet.  Of course I didn't (or rather, couldn't) vote for them, but this makes me feel guilty toward all other countries in the world, because U.S. may (read: will) cite our case in the negotiation for an FTA with them.  -_-;

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