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So I had enabled the “e-mail me when a friend removes me from the friend list” out of curiosity and just now received the first notification e-mail:

Hi astralblue,

(someone) has removed you from their Friends list.

You can:

  • Remove (someone) from your Friends list
  • Post an entry
  • Edit Friends
  • Edit Friends groups

This automatic notification email was sent by LiveJournal.com according to your email preferences.

LiveJournal Inc 2007-2008 All Rights Reserved.

The first and second options make me plant my face into the keyboard and more.  oTLOL


fail(X) :- sendsdumbemails(X).

I don't think I have to write out the sendsdumbemails predicate for you.
I don't see what's wrong with it. Clearly, you posted an entry. XD
But I felt dirty to click that link so I entered www.livejournal.com/update.bml manually on the address bar.  XD
Whaaat. I can't believe LJ allows that. That's kind of... bad taste?
drAAAAAAAAAmmmaaaaa. **addsoption**

Ooh, I have just the icon for that.
Where is this feature located at? O_o?
E-mail preference.
Oh boo, it's a "paid" feature. :P