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From Matt & Jen Simerson's blog:

The CF card is so old it was actually made in the USA!

Another anecdote that this country wouldn't be able to survive without its unhealthy dose of neoliberalism1—it's already in a deep pile of shit.  XD

1 Some people would put it as neoimperialism, saying the US bastardizes other countries for its own survival.  I personally don't have an opinion on that matter; YMMV.


It's not so much that the US "bastardizes" other countries, it's that other countries offer a price that US companies simply cannot refuse.

Well, they can, but it wouldn't make much economic sense for them.

Economy is often tied to other sociopolitical aspects.  One prime example is food security, which pure market economy can disrupt/degenerate.  In that sense, not every trade case can be reduced under the principle of simple offer and acceptance.

When they distinguish neoimperialism (if such a thing exists; I'm not convinced) from neoliberalism, I think the difference is that the former actually promotes such degeneration in other countries so that they can be enslaved, whereas the latter views such degeneration as a mere side effect, possibly unintended.