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Pick Your Poison, Grape Stomping or Arrow Stomping (or Both)?

Since I know you the OG DDR (ex-)players abandoned DDR Freak (well, most of you anyway), here's a crosspost that might interest you:

Hi, My name's Rachel Knudsen and I'm a researcher for a television show, Glutton For Punishment, which is broadcast on the Food Network. I'm searching for a great DDR dancer in San Francisco or anywhere in Sonoma County who would be interested in showing our host, Bob Blumer, some DDR moves on camera!

Our host Bob will be competing in the Sonoma County Grape Stomp Competition, and we thought it would be fun, as part of his training for the stomp, to try out his stomping skills on DDR!

We're looking for fun, outgoing DDR pros who would not be afraid of the camera and would be into shooting a quick (approx. two hours) scene with us sometime in the first week of October.

It should be a fun shoot! If you're interested, or if you know of anyone who may be interested, I'd love to hear from you as soon as possible! You can reach me at rachel_k@papernyfilms.com or 604-873-9777 x275 (in Vancouver, Canada).

Thanks so much,
Rachel Knudsen

Any takers?


I see you got that email too.
Oh, I hardly ever check my DDR Freak email these days 'cause 99.99% of it is just junk.  I took it from the NorCal board.  XD
Arrow stomping = Grape stomping

I love it!

I'm in. haha
Actually it was posted publicly on DDR Freak (on the NorCal board), so you might just wanna contact her directly (by the phone or e-mail above in the quote).  Just lemme know whether you make it 'cause I've always thought I'd check out that fair for once and this is the perfect excuse for that.  XD
Ha yeah I already sent in a response earlier. Gave him the down-low on my experience within the scene, at konami, and my recent dance experience.

I was under the impression they were looking for technical players so I let them know that i'm there just for dancing haha. I'll let you know what happens. I'm gonna ask if I can smash some grapes too.

And apply anyway! Maybe they're looking for both 8D

I'd go, but I'm only good for 7s and 8s these days. hehe
Something tells me that they're looking for freestylers (which I probably should've mentioned haha); otherwise I would've just applied for the job myself.  XD
If we get to drink afterwards, I'm hella' game. =D
Oh man, Drunk Drunk Revolution on TV!  Like I said above, hurl them a call or e-mail and let's see how it goes.  :D
Been there (with Ben there), done that, doing it again next year. :D
I would just go for moral support XD

Oh come on, you know you need a reason to take a trip to the bay area in who knows how long!  XD
Blah, who needs a reason to see my homie g's yo?!

Rib Cookoff is this coming weekend. . .you coming down for a day? XD
Just a heads-up...they gave me a call =D

Calling em back now! I'm nervous tho @_@