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Mac OS + Alt/Option Key = ♥

Some of you know how much I whore out HTML character entities, such as “, ”, …, —, © and so on.  It saves time and grief of having to consult the Character Map and copy/paste the characters.

Well, I think I have found a way to save time further: The English keyboard layout on Mac OS X assigns the vast majority of character entities that I often need to Alt/Option key combinations:

 non-breaking spaceU+00A0 Alt–Space
horizontal ellipsisU+2026…Alt-;
en dashU+2013–Alt-Dash
em dashU+2014—Alt-Shift-Dash
left single quoteU+2018‘Alt-]
right single quoteU+2019’Alt-Shift-]
left double quoteU+201C“Alt-[
right double quoteU+201D”Alt-Shift-[
©copyright symbolU+00A9©Alt-G
®registered mark symbolU+00AE®Alt-R
trademark symbolU+2122™Alt-2
Euro symbolU+20AC€Alt-Shift-2

This post uses only the following character entities now: &amp; (&) and &hearts; (♥).  ♥  Oh and I'll probably have to stick a couple of others such as &lt; (<) and &gt; (>) because they are more or less required in order to escape those characters correctly in HTML; there is also &#8213; (―, or horizontal bar/quotation dash), but I'm a dork to insist upon using that symbol in the first place (instead of approximating it to em dash or double dash as others do), so it's all okay.  XD


nerd. XD
Pot.  Kettle.  #000000.  XD


thanks! =D

<3, JC

Re: hey!

Wait, are you a Mac user now too?  LOL

Re: hey!

yes, I am. =) All I have now is my trusy macbook. Oh, and here's something else for you, Eugene...http://www.imeem.com/people/nkdEc-/music/6Ckgl1rx/morten_lauridsen_diraiton/

excellent arrangement. thought you'd like it. =)

Re: hey!

Where do you find all these goodies?  LOL  ♥

Re: hey!

you know, i have no idea, I just know some of the songs some really cool composers did...this happens to be something i stumbled upon. =) that's all. got anything yummy for me? =)

Re: hey!

Well, if you count Midnight Blue….  XD  It's so true when they say heartaches are such an inspiration for a musician.  XD

Re: hey!

BTW, add me! (http://astralblue.livejournal.com/370890.html)

Re: hey!

i think i added you! ::modify friend:: hmm...

Re: hey!

Oh, not astralblue but bluewhitelv—it's the syndicated blog of mine, at blue.white.lv (http://blue.white.lv/).  I'm switching away from LiveJournal.  :D

Or if you already have your own RSS reader, here are the direct RSS links that you can add: For articles (http://blue.white.lv/blog/?feed=rss2) and comments (http://blue.white.lv/blog/?feed=comments-rss2).