The Tridecadal Korean (astralblue) wrote,
The Tridecadal Korean

Mac OS + Alt/Option Key = ♥

Some of you know how much I whore out HTML character entities, such as “, ”, …, —, © and so on.  It saves time and grief of having to consult the Character Map and copy/paste the characters.

Well, I think I have found a way to save time further: The English keyboard layout on Mac OS X assigns the vast majority of character entities that I often need to Alt/Option key combinations:

 non-breaking spaceU+00A0 Alt–Space
horizontal ellipsisU+2026…Alt-;
en dashU+2013–Alt-Dash
em dashU+2014—Alt-Shift-Dash
left single quoteU+2018‘Alt-]
right single quoteU+2019’Alt-Shift-]
left double quoteU+201C“Alt-[
right double quoteU+201D”Alt-Shift-[
©copyright symbolU+00A9©Alt-G
®registered mark symbolU+00AE®Alt-R
trademark symbolU+2122™Alt-2
Euro symbolU+20AC€Alt-Shift-2

This post uses only the following character entities now: &amp; (&) and &hearts; (♥).  ♥  Oh and I'll probably have to stick a couple of others such as &lt; (<) and &gt; (>) because they are more or less required in order to escape those characters correctly in HTML; there is also &#8213; (―, or horizontal bar/quotation dash), but I'm a dork to insist upon using that symbol in the first place (instead of approximating it to em dash or double dash as others do), so it's all okay.  XD


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