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Apparently BLUE freestyled on ITG. :D

captaincanada: I was at MGL on Saturday, saw Cynan playing ITG
astralblue: Hahaha
captaincanada: stepped in, freestyled a couple
astralblue: ITG is such an addictive abomination
astralblue: XD
captaincanada: and then got my first Heavy AAA ever on Solina
captaincanada: yeah!
captaincanada: BUT
captaincanada: because I wanted to be funny or stupid or something, I put in BLUE as the high score name
captaincanada: so you have a 96% or something on Solina
astralblue: Hahahahaha
captaincanada: and then I got to say "AND THAT WAS THE ONLY TIME BLUE WILL FREESTYLE ON ITG"


OMG, this is perfectly hilarious.

Even moreso because I'm about to head out to The Break to play ITG to finish up Jim's Pwnage Of Marathons (pics to come soon, I hope)