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The Truth Game

Stolen from Kay0ss.

Leave a comment with your name if you wanna know what I really think of you, and I'll reply and tell you.  No lies, all honesty.




Re: allo.

One cool man, shaped by decency and prudence (which is, I must say, a rarity in California :D)...  And your random freestyle is always fun to watch!  We gotta hit Davis some time soon before you're once again kidnapped by the college -- PIU fun!  Imagine, a PIU with its pads as sensitive as the MGL Extreme ones... *droooool*

James, you suck hardcore.
Haw haw just keeding.

Holly! =D

Damn you for being so adorable, energetic (to the point of being OMG BOUNCE WITH ME BOUNCE WITH ME BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE XD) and exceptionally cool, seizing every day like it'll be the doomsday tomorrow! :D  Oh yeah, don't forget to take a deep breath and look around when you feel weary and blue -- your friends might be closer to you than you'd think they are, okay? :D

I like you.
Haw haw
oh hay im john

Straightforward, yet knowing what to say and whatnot in which circumstances.  You seem like one of the very last people to be involved in and/or hurt by a drama.  <3  And that's a good thing, you know! =D

I'm Jason Notko

You and your trustworthiness always made me feel fortunate to work with you (for those not in the know -- he and I both work on DDR Freak).  You're like a large paperweight -- the last thing to budge out of place, even under an ungodly gust of wind; making everyone secure and stable.  But wait, I'm not saying you're dull, 'cause you know, I enjoy OLR! :D

Hi, I'm Chris Balcum. And I'm an addict.

Good-spirited, energetic and witty.  And very resourceful too.  A definite friend to keep.

Just one minor thing.  Just take a step back, take a deep breath, and take a minute to try to look at where you are and what you're doing from different angles -- for you seem carried away by yourself from time to time.