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Confession Time!

Stolen from one of my Korean friends' blog... XD

All obstacles aside, like friendship, past and present relationship, sex (male/female), sexual preference (homo-/hetero-/bi-sexual) and age, if you wish I would be your boyfriend/girlfriend...

  1. ... based on your current sex and sexual preference, say badger.

  2. ... based on your current sexual preference but opposite sex (i.e. assume you were a male if you are a female, and vice versa), say mushroom.

  3. ... based on your current sex but opposite sexual preference (i.e. assume you were a homosexual if you are a heterosexual, and vice versa), say snake.

    (Note: This item doesn't apply to you if you are a 50-50 bisexual.)

  • Important: When posting a comment, do it anonymously.

  • Use your self-identified sex and sexual preference, i.e. how you think of yourself.

  • Assume I can have either sexual preference to suit your desire.

  • Regardless you answer this quiz or not, post this quiz onto your blog if you want -- see what your friends think of you! ^^//

    Click here for the HTML code you can copy and paste.  And don't forget to enable anonymous comments!

    (LiveJournal users: Stupid LiveJournal apparently allows anonymous comments only on public entries, so make sure your entry is public.  Also, it's recommended that you turn off comment screening and IP address logging for anonymous posters for additional fun.  You can do so on your Edit Personal Information page.)


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