The Tridecadal Korean (astralblue) wrote,
The Tridecadal Korean

A through Z

Stolen from nikari.

A - age : 29

B - band listening to right now : Deli Spice

C - crush : No one particular at the moment. (There are potential candidates nevertheless -- those who stand on the borderline between a friend and a crush.)

D - dad's name : 김수욱 (Kim, SuUg)

E - easiest person to talk to : V-Su (only a handful of you guys would know who he is), with Doreen and Erin being honorary mentions.

F - favorite bands at the moment : N.EX.T, 자우림 (JaURim), Novasonic

G - gummy bears or gummy worms : Worms, by far!

H - hometown : BuSan, Korea

I - instruments: Piano (classical/jazz/pop) and drums.

K - kids : Need someone willing to have mine first. :D

L - longest car ride ever: 3 days.  Driving = 9 hours straight.

M - mom's name : 화자 (HwaJa); last name withheld for security reasons.

N - number of siblings : 1 younger sister.

O - one wish : To lead a peaceful yet successful life.

P - phobia[s] : Crapophobe.  Hehehe.

Q - favorite quote : Carpe diem; seize the day.

R - reason to smile : Because everyone gets smile back.

S - song you sang last : 김동률 - 희망

T - time you wake up : 6am

U - unknown fact about me : Pretty much nothing by now.

V - vegetable you hate : Raw cabbage.

W - worst habit(s) : Eating too much.

X - x-rays you've had : Chest, hand, tooth and ankle.

Y - yummy food : 라볶이 (RaBoggI, pronounced rah-boh-ki), by far!

Z - zodiac sign : Cancer. *pinches j00*



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