The Tridecadal Korean (astralblue) wrote,
The Tridecadal Korean

Age of pr0n.

(19:04:36) N모양: 블레이드 3를 받았는데
(19:04:40) N모양: 야동이 왔어요.
(19:04:47) N모양: 풉;
(19:04:48) N모양: -_-;
(19:05:21) astralblue: ;;
(19:05:33) N모양: 와깔깔하구려.
(19:05:49) astralblue: 야동 뭐 기왕에 받은거... 남친주셈 =3
(19:05:55) N모양: 남친 야동 안봐요.
(19:05:57) N모양: 지겹대요
(19:05:58) N모양: -_-;
(19:06:02) astralblue: ㅡ,.ㅡ;;;
(19:06:11) N모양: ㅡ,.ㅡ

(19:04:36) N모양: So I downloaded Blade 3
(19:04:40) N모양: And the file turned out to be a pr0n video.
(19:04:47) N모양: Um;
(19:04:48) N모양: -_-;
(19:05:21) astralblue: ;;
(19:05:33) N모양: @$&@!)(*&#(.
(19:05:49) astralblue: Pr0n... Now that you have it anyways, just give it to your boyfriend =3
(19:05:55) N모양: He doesn't watch pr0n.
(19:05:57) N모양: He says he's sick of it
(19:05:58) N모양: -_-;
(19:06:02) astralblue: -,.-;;;
(19:06:11) N모양: -,.-


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