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And fuck you Windows Update.  You say Well we know you've declined in the past to install XP SP2, but we think it's an important update so we decided to bug you again! for a billionth time even when I said No, I know what I am doing and don't fucking bother me ever again! every single time you asked!

And every time you want to pop up a window and ask me to install XP2, you fucking slow down my computer to a motherfucking crawl so I can't do any work that uses CPU power which I need to compile and debug this goddamn program I need to finish by the end of this year.  Fuck you update.exe!

All this, and you still herald Windows XP as an operating system designed with productivity in fucking mind?  Do you call bothering your customers with some unnecessary shit that they repeatedly refuse a productivity?  Isn't that what spammers do?  Didn't you just declare your war against spams?  You see, there's this one thing called logic; ever heard of that, you motherfuckers?  Yeah?

Rant over.  Eugene out.


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