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Poor Central Californians. XD

supadupapan: yep that and
supadupapan: I mean there's always norcal / socal
supadupapan: dramas
supadupapan: I mean haven't you seen / heard?
supadupapan: NORCAL ROCKS
supadupapan: NO SOCAL ROCKS
supadupapan: just in general
supadupapan: kind of like the west coast east cost thing
astralblue: Um, no I didn't know about that. You mean there's that sentiment in general? :x
astralblue: Like, not necessarily related to DDR
astralblue: :o
astralblue: Damn. People are stupid. XD
supadupapan: yeah
supadupapan: there is haha
supadupapan: I mean west coast always says they're better than east coast
supadupapan: not even related to ddr
supadupapan: just in general
astralblue: Mmhmm
supadupapan: like the "we're cooler" thing
astralblue: Yeah I hear about that every now and then... But didn't know there was an intra-California version of that. Sheesh. XD
supadupapan: yep
supadupapan: and central california
supadupapan: hates everyone
supadupapan: ^_^
astralblue: HAHAHAHA
supadupapan: and norcal and socal people
supadupapan: don't even realize there's a central :P
astralblue: _-_
astralblue: That's so hilarious XD

Kimmie rocks. XD


Yeah, I asked her because I was curious as to why there has to be a drama in one way or another between NorCal and SoCal folks every time there's a big Cali tournament... XD

Northern and Southern California are two very very different cultures. Roughly, the border is drawn around San Luis Obispo, which is where LA's cultural influence starts to fade a little, though you'll still see the ugs/short skirt combos and the abhorrance of the word 'hella'. NorCal goes from there to about Sacramento area, though Sac is the last real bastion of NorCal culture. Farther north, you get into the Mythical state of Jefferson (http://www.jeffersonstate.com/) which is the forest culture of far northern Cali and Southern Oregon. They have vastly different values than either NorCal or SoCal. Hell, you can even plot linguistic maps of the state and see clear lines of demarcation.
Hell, you can even plot linguistic maps of the state and see clear lines of demarcation.

This is amazing.

The way I've seen it has been more like this:

Norcal: "OMG socal sucks. We like, rock and stuff."

Socal: "Wait wha- Oh. We don't care."
well, the attitude i've noticed has tended to be a lot of arrogance. Nor Cal folks enjoy trumpeting their allegiances and such, and SoCal folks couldn't give two shits, because if it isn't SoCal, it doesnt matter. It's an interesting cultural phenomenon.

Reverse that, and you'd be more accurate.

I honestly have to say that I heard more people from SoCal shit on NorCal than I did vice versa. However, that could have stemmed from one clique or another, though.
This had nothing to do with norcal or socal. That whole thing has been over with for a while. It was just people acting stupid. It happens when groups of people get together like that. That's about it.
Drama IN GENERAL is pretty fucking retarded. When you have regions talking shit about another region, now that's more retarded than anything. But I think it's more that people in GENERAL are stupid. I heard about the shit that went down at Chili's after SVGL3. It just proves my fucking point:

DRAMA AND ANYONE SLIGHTLY INVOLVED WITH DRAMA IS FUCKING RETARDED. Oh shit we all have drama. Must mean we're all retarded in a way :D


you're hella funny for typing like that

See, that's why I didn't go to Chili's that night.......

Considering that I'm a little older, and that I might have to deal with assault charges(and people who get knocked out will cry to the police), I have to avoid conflicts like that while other cats stay on some WWE shit. That NorCal/SoCal shit is as played out as the East/West beef in hip-hop, especially when it's over a damn video game. I always said I was from NorCal, but I'm not out on some quasi-GTA ignorant set trip shit about it....I didn't even know cats do that, especially over a video game. Too many cats are still trying to be TCL and shit.....people need to let it go.
I swear them Central Cali people get no respect I tell ya...

GO NORCAL!!!!! *paints face & chugs*