The Tridecadal Korean (astralblue) wrote,
The Tridecadal Korean

Poor Central Californians. XD

supadupapan: yep that and
supadupapan: I mean there's always norcal / socal
supadupapan: dramas
supadupapan: I mean haven't you seen / heard?
supadupapan: NORCAL ROCKS
supadupapan: NO SOCAL ROCKS
supadupapan: just in general
supadupapan: kind of like the west coast east cost thing
astralblue: Um, no I didn't know about that. You mean there's that sentiment in general? :x
astralblue: Like, not necessarily related to DDR
astralblue: :o
astralblue: Damn. People are stupid. XD
supadupapan: yeah
supadupapan: there is haha
supadupapan: I mean west coast always says they're better than east coast
supadupapan: not even related to ddr
supadupapan: just in general
astralblue: Mmhmm
supadupapan: like the "we're cooler" thing
astralblue: Yeah I hear about that every now and then... But didn't know there was an intra-California version of that. Sheesh. XD
supadupapan: yep
supadupapan: and central california
supadupapan: hates everyone
supadupapan: ^_^
astralblue: HAHAHAHA
supadupapan: and norcal and socal people
supadupapan: don't even realize there's a central :P
astralblue: _-_
astralblue: That's so hilarious XD

Kimmie rocks. XD


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