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I wonder...

Is anyone up for MGL $10-Thursday action tonight?  Reply, over! :D


yeah sure, I'll be there in a jiffy. ;D

Oh, how I wish.
If i can convince DDRMike, HELL YEAH.
I am interested. I'll see, depends on when I leave work.
Not familiar with what that is?

It's basically a Pay $10 and play as much as you can/wish deal.  You pay $10 at the entrance, and are given a wrist strap and a stamp on the back of your hand.  All games will either be on free play, or have a white button (you might've seen it before) which inserts coin. :D

The entrance fee is reduced to $5 after 9pm, and $3 after 10pm.

Playing one ITG double game per hour (or two if you want double token rate) pays for the entrance fee if you get there before 6pm :D, since they close at 11pm.

And it's also a great chance to improve your skill on less-played BEMANI games. (Make sure there's no one waiting for you to finish, then play 7 star songs on BM3 until you pass! XD)