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Farewell to another evidence of my youth -- redux

Ever since a friend pointed out my crush a couple of weeks ago, all hells broke loose.  The electric blue glow that I once thought was put out caught a flame again somehow, and it felt as if the fierce flame torched everything that I consisted of into crumbling white ash.  A very troubling experience to say the absolute least.

But now, I think -- or, rather, I hope -- I'm able to set myself into order once again.

I won't say it's been put out again.  Frankly I don't know.  The fire has died off a bit, but I don't know what will aggravate it when.  I just hope it won't be the case.

So... Wish me luck my friends, will you?


The same thing happened to my friend's house two days before christmas =(
good luck on your endeavors