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Status report.

Jacked from gtonizuka.  I love this meme because it's so short it needn't be LJ-cut. :D

  1. Favorite candy of the minute
    Skittles.  Always have been, always will be. :D

  2. Favorite topic of research of the minute
    Jazz music theory.  Yes, I'm getting old, bite me. XD

  3. Favorite restaurant of the minute
    Todai. <3

  4. Favorite drink at Starbucks
    Mocha frappuccino, venti.

  5. The next movie you want to see
    Shigatsu Monogatari (April Story).

  6. Current video/computer game addiction
    hack(5).  No, not nethack.

  7. Favorite thing you got for xmas
    A surprise card from Korea.

  8. Favorite place to shop
    Nowhere really, I'm not a shopping type of person...  Okay, The Embarcadero Center if I have to pick one.

  9. The last time you filled out a meme

  10. Current goal
    Locking on a goal.  (Whee, meta-goal! XD)