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다시 떠나보내다 -- Letting You Go Once Again

It's so hard making the whole thing fit into the original melody, while retaining as much as what the original lyric says and implies.

Catch me on AIM if you wanted to listen to the song. :D

가파른 언덕을 오를 때, 넌 그리도 담담한 얼굴로
가쁜 숨에 들썩이는 어깨 도닥여 주곤 했지

지나 보면 보잘 것도 없는, 작은 꿈에 들떠 있을 때도
넌 그리도 서늘한 얼굴로 꾸짖어 주곤 했지
그래선 안 된다고

난 너에게 무엇을 주었나, 난 도대체 무엇을 주었나
길을 잃을 땐 언제나 나를 붙들어 준 너에게, 내가 사랑한 너에게

난 널 위해 무엇을 잃었나, 난 도대체 무엇을 잃었나
아직 따스한 너의 손길을 느낄 수가 있는데, 이렇게 남아 있는데―

어리석은 시간이 흐르고 지친 내 영혼이 너를 찾아갔을 때
그리도 서글픈 얼굴로 내 두 손을 잡은 채 말했지

다시는 볼 수 없을 거라고 늦어버렸다고

-- 김동률 `다시 떠나보내다'

When I was climbing a steep uphill
I saw your face so silent and tranquil
And you used to pat, with your eyes aglitter
On my panting shoulder

When I was dreaming a fantasy
All excited, restless and bit tipsy
I saw your face turn so sternly chilling
You used to frown and scold me
``That isn't how you should be''

What did I give, what did I give to you
What in the world, what did I give to you
When you always would hold me so tightly
When I'd get lost so slightly

What did I give to you I loved

What did I lose, what did I lose for you
What in the world, what did I lose for you
When I still can remember your warm touch
That I still longingly clutch

When I still cherish your warm touch

And flowed some time, couple of foolish years
And my soul, all worn out, reached for you in tears
Then so forlorn, sad like never before
You looked at me, said with my hands in yours
``This is the last we're allowed each other
Last to be together


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